Change While You Can


I have a question for you. It’s pretty important. It’s tough to answer, but it could change your life.

Are you ready? It’s this: How will you be remembered after your gone? What will we say about you? And what ONE word will we use to describe you?

As morbid as this may sound, these are some of the questions that really transformed the life of one of my clients.

He said it made him think, for the first time, about what kind of legacy, if any, he would leave behind.

What about you? Can you go deep inside yourself and ask what kind of footprint you want to leave?

Did you….

  • Love and live BIG?

  • Revel in your own authenticity?

  • Explore, discover and stay open-minded to new ways of living?

  • Be true to yourself?

  • Leave this world a better place than you found it?

  • Become the change you hoped to see in yourself and others?

Back to that ONE word again. What word will describe you now, and what’s the word we’ll use to describe you, well, eventually?

Begin now to choose that one word. The one we’ll remember you for.

Choose a YOU word.

Live from the space of knowing generations of people after you will remember you for that one special thing that only YOU have.

Now, please comment below and write that one word you would like to be remembered for....

Thank you for commenting and sharing.