Eviction Notice


Is there someone you ruminate over that has hurt you?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about them and how they’ve harmed you?

Did you know they’re squatting in the most precious real estate?

That’s right.

Your high priced real estate lives between your ears and in your heart.

It’s time to raise the rent and kick them out.

How do you do it?

Pray for them.

They probably are spiritually sick.

Pray for their wellness and wholeness and then let them go, for your own piece mind.

Do this for YOU, not them.

I’ve heard all illness is from lack of forgiveness.

Free your own mind from them.

Do you really want to carry Nasty Nancy, Shoplift Sally or Lying Luke in your head.

Raise the rent. Evict them. Because YOU are the most valued real estate in town.

Think about lovely people, places and things instead.

You’re really worth it.

And remember...

Always, always always go where the love is.

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  • Susan