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Susan Foxley, founder of Foxley Fitness, is an author, certified life coach, yoga master and relationship specialist who has helped thousands of people live fuller, healthier, happier lives.

Her workshops, TV shows and hundreds of appearances have earned her the reputation as an inspirational motivator and a compassionate yet honest counselor. She is also author and creator of the life-changing workshop, "Mixed Up to Fixed Up." 

Susan hosts two television shows, “Yoga For All Ages” and “Forever Yoga”, and begins shooting a new healthy lifestyle and fitness show in early 2019. She helps a lot of people. Let her help you.




Susan will transform the way you think! She explains how to turn your life around using simple language and tools. She is VERY personable, easy to talk to and the most positive person I have ever met! I highly recommend her workshops, book and utilizing her easy steps on how to take all that negative self-criticism and turn it into self-love. My world has changed for the BETTER since meeting Susan!
— Diane M.
Susan saved me!!! Life seemed so confusing and complicated and too challenging... her book was so easy to read and make sense of! I feel 20 years lighter in my soul!! You will blossom.
— Kristin L.
Susan Foxley has worked as my life coach for many years and is one of the most honest, wisest, and compassionate people I know! She has a way of seeing the truth through the drama and fear that often comes up when one is navigating through life, creating a peaceful and easier path on which to travel.
— Joanna
I took a Life Coaching Class with Susan Foxley and plan to again! Susan is AMAZING. The first thing that struck me about her is her positive energy, compassion and light. I felt inspired just being in her presence. Susan found a way to know each of us in her class and focused on our struggles, dreams and progress.
— Amy




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