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I can help you, too.
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Susan will transform the way you think! She explains how to turn your life around using simple language and tools. I highly recommend her workshops, book and utilizing her easy steps on how to take all that negative self-criticism and turn it into self-love. My world has changed for the BETTER since meeting Susan!
— Diane
Susan saved me!!! Life seemed so confusing and complicated and too challenging... her book was so easy to read and make sense of! I feel 20 years lighter in my soul!! You will blossom.
— Kristin
Susan’s teachings are in some ways short cuts to absorbing and applying her lessons in living a purposeful life. But that is because she makes it look easy and as we know life is a daily practice at which we have to work on every day. Thank You, Susan.
— Rebecca
Susan Foxley: the most amazing yoga teacher ever!! So caring and so knowledgeable. A session with her is therapeutic, rejuvenating and an enlightening experience!! Peace and Blessings
— Nargis
Susan is an exceptional human, so full of wisdom, compassion and boundless energy to help others. She is natural born healer and has such a magnetic, warm and charismatic energy. This book is a must read, for anyone who wants to lead with their spiritual self and enjoy a rich life!
— Sarah
Susan’s book is a joy to read! Susan Foxley has a practical wisdom coupled with spiritual philosophies that can transform your life! Whatever problem you have, you will find a solution and her lighthearted and poignant book. I hope you read this book! You will love it!
— Rebecca
Susan Foxley has worked as my life coach for many years and is one of the most honest, wisest, and compassionate people I know! She has a way of seeing the truth through the drama and fear that often comes up when one is navigating through life, creating a peaceful and easier path on which to travel.
— Joanna
I took a Life Coaching Class with Susan Foxley and plan to again! Susan is AMAZING. The first thing that struck me about her is her positive energy, compassion and light. I felt inspired just being in her presence. Susan found a way to know each of us in her class and focused on our struggles, dreams and progress.
— Amy




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