A Remedy For Obsession & Worry


Obsession and worry use to be, and can be a familiar friend. I can go back to that old pattern of obsessive thinking when my child acts out, when money is low, when my health is not up to par, or even when he or she doesn’t call back. If the obsession is over a small detail there is usually something bigger going on that I don't want to face. 

Here are some great tools to remedy obsession:

1.The biggest remedy for obsession is to be in the moment. Bring your awareness to your feet on the ground, the expansion and contraction of your ribs, and the softening of the space between your eyebrows. Next, become conscious of the colors, sounds, smells, and temperature of your environment. Bring yourself into the NOW!

2. If you are still obsessing and worrying get out a piece of paper and write down things that you are grateful for. Write down both big and small things. I write down things such as my pillow on my bed, my duvet cover, the roof over my head, my fingers and toes, paved roads, the phone that I use often, my family, my friends. The list can go on and on!

3. If your mental chatter is still going strong get outside! Look at things not made by human hands. Go for a walk in nature and look at the streams, trees, flowers, stars, planets, sun, birds, waves, or the moon. Nature lets me know that there is something bigger than me and my problems, and that there is absolutely a God at work, and that I am not in charge!

   There is a quote that I've heard in 12 step groups that prevent me from going into further obsession and worry. I love the quote that "worrying is praying for what you don’t want”. This quote helps me change my mental station and focus on the outcome of what I do want! What I focus on magnifies, so I can always choose to go to the higher feeling and better thought. It can be challenging to focus on this unfamiliar mental station, but the rewards are GREAT! 

Thank you for commenting and sharing.