Download Change


You are a direct download to your children.

If you look at them like you don’t believe in them, or as if they’ll never succeed, they’ll mirror that. If you show doubt, they’ll doubt. Anger? Anger. You get the idea...

But when you plant praise constantly.....believing in them, they will mirror that too. When you exude confidence in them, they soak it right in. Show them courage, they learn strength. Show them love, and that’s what they’ll learn.

Your thoughts emanate out everywhere. We are more energy than matter. So send

confidence to your children.

Even better yet....

Send confident thoughts to everyone you meet.

Everyone needs at least one person who believes in them.....and you could be that person.

Send thoughts of:

  • I believe in you...

  • You got this...

  • I have your back...

  • I love you no matter what...

  • I see your greatness...

Your children, and the world need you to download:

belief, not doubt;

strength, not failure;

Courage, not weakness. 

Your children and the world need your praise, today and every day. 

Plant praise now in the subconscious of others.

You hold the key for making big change for your children, young or old.

Download Change. For the better. 

And remember...

Always, always always go where the love is.

Please comment and share if you like. Thank you. 

  • Susan