Put On The Brakes


Don’t ever make decisions when you’re feeling bad.

Don’t send texts, quit your job, leave your spouse or sell your house when you are feeling bad.

Don’t do anything when your feeling bad, except one thing.

The one thing you should do is get out of your mood.

You could dance, take a walk, call a friend, nap, read inspirational words or get a massage.

But don’t make any decisions or take any action when you’re feeling crappy.

When feeling bad, put on the brakes.

Bad thoughts create bad feelings, bad behaviors and bad results.

Good thoughts go into greater feelings, which then manifest into wonderful results.

So, for heaven’s sake, pause. Take a deep breath and don’t do anything when you’re derailed.

Once you’re back on track with greater thoughts and feelings, go full steam ahead toward your decisions, actions and transformations.

With greater thoughts and feelings..... you are good to go....into your greatness! You will now become the greatest version of you!

Thank you for reading and sharing. And remember to always, always, always go where the love is.