Nowhere 2 Everywhere


You are more than your job title, shoe size or the car you drive.

Remember, you are more than your diagnosis, childhood or even your zip code.

Sit in meditation while consciously breathing in and breathing out and go from someone to no one.

Go from something to nothing.

Get from somewhere to nowhere.

Empty out the minutiae, your labels and your past history.

As you empty out stay there and move from your head (where most people spend 90% of the day) and drop down into the heart.

From NO ONE become connected to EVERYONE.

We could call this the collective unconscious, coined by Carl Jung, or the superconscious.

And move from nothing to everything.

Get to nowhere to everywhere.

We are all connected.

By tapping into the larger Self you are going from a convergent focus to a divergent or expansive focus. This method of expanded awareness through divergent focus is taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza and also at my “Mixed Up to Fixed Up” workshops.

This emptying out of one’s ego and moving beyond one’s self into a larger awareness can catapult you into tapping into infinite possibilities, rather than the small limited self.

As you connect with your greatness… you move beyond the pettiness of your neighbor’s dirty look, your bosses demands or even the newly discovered scratch on your car.

Be great......Go beyond.

And remember to always, always go where the love is.