The Sexiest Lingerie


       At my local gym, I converse with everyone. Yesterday, I was chatting with a retired professor of psychology that has been happily married for 55 years, and asked him what the secret to his happy connection was. He said the secret is to meet your partner under extremely difficult circumstances, and if that person is still smiling and has grace under pressure, he or she is the one.

     This insightful man met his wife in upstate New York and they both were working under stressful circumstances, seven days a week. He noticed his future wife was whistling while she worked, and always had a smile on her face. The others in this situation were frowning and complaining the whole time. 

     He continued to tell me that when you first meet someone in this day and age when things are going well, that is wonderful. But, what happens when the shit hits the fan? How will your partner respond then?

     Are you serene when the crap hits the fan? Do you meet life with a smile and optimism, in spite of the pitfalls of being overworked, overwhelmed, and possibly plagued with concerns about finance, romance, and health? 

     Even though I maybe bogged down with worldly affairs, I still do what makes me smile. At least three times a week, I go to the gym and ask my friends in their seventies and eighties, what tools they picked up along the way, to lead a happy and fulfilling life. It helps me to ask how others are doing, so I am not so self absorbed, and bogged down in my own minutiae.

     If you find yourself feeling unwanted, unloved , and alone; smile! Smiling is the prettiest make-up, the sweetest perfume, and the sexiest lingerie. Do you like spending time with people that constantly have the outer edges of the lips turned down into a frown? If you find yourself in that downward spiral, stop yourself, and smile. Remember that a smile is free, and is the most attractive thing you can wear. A smile is magnetic, friendly, inviting, and alluring. Joy is free, and if you are struggling to find that inner bliss, check out my previous blogs. Namaste.