I Have A Confession...


I have a confession. I grew up with some bad habits.

Black and white habits. On the heads of the nuns at the Catholic schools of my youth.

Those black and white habits and their black or white worlds (Heaven or Hell, etc.) taught me to think in black and white terms.

Everything was right or wrong. Good or evil. Fifty shades of gray? There was NO gray. No colors. No in-between. As a result, I had a thousand dollar response to every nickel event. My young soul developed an obsession of worry, fear and catastrophic thinking.

It took years but I finally got smart and figured it out. Worry is like praying for what we don’t want. It’s a bad habit just like smoking. 

And we need to quit

Stop worrying. It just makes you feel worse. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. LIVE fully in today.

If things are a little upside-down in your life, stop worrying about it and accept it. Acceptance is a great first step. It doesn’t mean you’re settling for less. It means you are viewing the world as it is. Let the truth show its colors. It is in full acceptance that we then can find true relief. When we accept the world or a situation for what it is, or a person for who they are, we know where we stand.

It’s easy. No matter what it is. Just ask yourself two questions….

1.   What am I worried about?

2.   What can I do about it?

Now provide two solutions... 

       1.   Decide what to do.

2.   Do it. 

If you need a little more clarity, it may help to write it down. Writing it down can help you look logically, rather than emotionally at a situation, but then, take action


Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.” 

The lessons I’ve learned from those nuns of my past are far better than anything they ever consciously taught me. Not to think in black and white. Not to worry. Live for today.

One more thing… “Always, always, always, go where the love is.”

Thank you for reading and sharing. -Susan