Don't Worry, Be Happy


One of the true secrets to life is summed up simply in a familiar song lyric most of us have heard and even repeated… “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.


Give it a click…


We burn the candle at both ends. Always on the GO. We’re waaay too Alpha. We don’t stop and smell the roses nearly enough. We are that fabled shoe shiner with no shoes, so busy taking care of everyone else’s shines and wants and needs we neglect our own. We’re constantly putting the petal to the metal on an empty tank.


Keep it up and our lives can run out of gas. Like I did a few weeks ago…


I was juggling ten things at once as usual and got super sick. It was awful… pounding headache, vomiting, high fever, couldn’t sleep.


But it was also a HUGE teacher. It was my wake-up call to practice what I preach and slow down. Time to do what we were all taught to do as kids before crossing the street… stop, look and listen.


This is what getting sick taught me:

1.  Worry can make you sick.

2.  Worry doesn’t change a thing. It makes it worse.

3.  You can only do so much. I’m not Superwoman.

4.  Worrying is praying for what I don’t want.

5.  I can prioritize what I can and cannot do. Do what’s essential and let the rest go.

6.  I can’t make everyone happy. People pleasing may please others but it denies my own truth. It's time to please my own soul.

7.  If I’m worrying about others and making myself sick, I may not be around or able to help when it counts the most.

8.  There’s a reason the flight attendant says put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you start helping others.

9.  Only you can set the tone for your own home and your own life.

Now I’m on a worry- free diet. I’m giving those I love the dignity of their own path and not hovering over them like a helicopter, worrying about worst-case scenarios and blocking their light. No more shadow-casting over those I love.


The Universe is here for you and me, our friends, our families AND our highest good. The Universe has OUR backs!


Worry doesn’t change a thing, so I’m giving it up.


“Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”


Let go NOW.


Tell me YOUR story below. I love comments and feedback. And remember to always go where the love is. Namaste.