What If?


I’m burnt. I’m fried. I’m outta gas.

My tank is on empty. 

I’ve been giving out more than what is coming back.

I’m running on fumes.

I take 100% responsibility for the outcome. 

I need a new spiritual transmission now. 

I’ve been managing and controlling out of fear.

Yes, my emotional GPS system is alerting me that I need help NOW!

But, I feel that if I don’t check in on the one’s I love..... their lives will fall apart without me.

Talk about a big ego.

What if...I don’t see my adult son often?

What if....I say “no” to my clients so I can have some “me” time.

What if.... I go away for awhile? Will my life as I know it fall apart?

What if.... I become more selfish? Will I look like a narcissist?

What if...... the dishes stay undone and the bed is left unmade? Will I appear to look like sloven mess?

Balance is the key.

When you are giving.... make sure you are filling yourself up first.

How do you do that?

1. Meditation. 

2. Conscious breathing.

3. Go out for tea or coffee with a friend for 30 minutes.

4. Go for a walk and look at something not made with human hands.

5. Take a bath.

6. Watch a comedy.

7. Visualize your family and friends and the planet thriving.

8. Go on a trip.

9. List your fears and rip them up.

10. Put “You” time on the calendar.

11. Hire a babysitter or a house cleaner.

12. Make a gratitude list.

13. Watch my Yoga YouTube station and actually follow along.

14. Take my life coaching workshops.

15. Read my “Mixed Up to Fixed Up” book that you can buy on Amazon.

Well enough of my obnoxious self promoting.

I’m off for a walk to look at some birds and trees and to call a friend.

We all take the wrong turn in life and I’m not going to beat myself up for overextending and being a people pleaser. I have hopefully learned my lesson.

But, I am going to please ME first and fill up my tank NOW, so I don’t break down on the side of the road ASAP!

Write your comments below about how you fill yourself up?