#Me Too? Fire Your Guru


The #MeToo movement has found its way not only into our everyday world, but also into the world of yoga.

Yes, Bikram fled the U.S. to escape sexual abuse and harassment allegations. Even my "so called guru", the late Sri Pattabhi Jois, also was accused of touching woman inappropriately during his teachings. 

And there have been others. Perhaps even you’ve had a yoga teacher who seemed a little too touchy for a little too long.  

Thank God the yoga community is waking up and hopefully moving away from the Guru mentality.

In fact, if you see your Guru walking toward you, you might want to just walk away and walk within yourself. 

True answers always lie within.

Fire any guru who looks down on you or others, or snaps at you or criticizes you.

Fire any guru who puts down others and puts themselves on a pedestal.

Fire any guru who guides with a magnifying glass and never looks in the mirror.

With spirituality comes humility and compassion, not arrogance or criticism.

You are your own guru. If you spell out the word guru, this is what it means…


The answer lies in your own heart, mind, body and soul. Real power and guidance lies within. You are the Temple. Knock on the door of your own heart and listen.

All of us have surrendered our own power at times. #Me too.

But not any more. When I see a guru, I run within. 

Fire your guru today.

P.S. What kind of yoga do I teach? Foxley Yoga, of course. Follow your own compass.