Take Your Power Back


Vulnerable and desperate was the name of the game, when I could not find out what was wrong with my young son. No stone went unturned while seeking out healers, doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, and even psychics. 

Below are some examples of women I know (not their real names) who are going through similar anguish. See if you identify with the foolhardiness in their decision-making process of how they attempt to find solutions;

“ Jackie” called to ask me if her psychic was right, The fortune teller said her boyfriend was going to come back to her. The backstory is she wanted a commitment and he wasn’t willing to give it, even after many years together. So Jackie walked away from the relationship, hoping he would come back with a ring. It has not happened yet, but she is keeping her fingers crossed.

“Nancy” called me the other day to say she’d seen her fifth holistic alternative doctor, after a car accident. This one said the antibiotics she was taking were trapped in her calves, and that she had to see him three times a week for $300.00 a visit to heal her. She says he is really helping. Maybe it’s the placebo effect...

Then “Lynn” called to tell me she might pay $10,000 to a coach to help her get her business off the ground, even though Lynn does not have two pennies to rub together,

Do you sense a commonality between Jackie, Nancy, and Lynn? They are all coming from a place of desperation, and believe the answers lie outside of themselves. They are fear-based, confused, hopeless and helpless in finding the solution to their problems. 

When feeling confused about a lost love, a health challenge, or a business issue, the best idea is to just sit with yourself and go inside. The answer to the problem often can be figured out by taking a big pause and slowing life down. If we sit and go inside, the answer can be found within our soul, rather than writing a big fat check to someone who possibly can only add confusion to our situation and pocketbook.

When you feel like you want the answer NOW through a psychic, healer, or problem-solver look inside! YOU are the psychic, healer, and problem-solver. All the answers come THROUGH you, if you are quiet enough to listen to that soft sweet whisper of your OWN soul. 

Put down your checkbook, tarot cards, and phone and sit comfortably, close your eyes, and ask yourself what the answer is. You will not only save a lot of money, but also confusion. You will also take your OWN power back. Know that YOU are truly your own psychic!

Through my years of chasing the answers to my son’s issues, I added fuel to the fire. With my new wisdom, my motto is NEVER take an action or make a big decision if I am in a negative space. First, I must get myself peaceful and calm and then move or act from a state of PEACE. If I’m in a RASH state of mind, I’m going to make RASH choices. If I’m in a PEACEFUL state, I create a PEACEFUL outcome. Pretty simple, huh? Always, always , always move from a state of PEACE.