Cure Your Emotional Hangover


I am writing this blog about toxic residue, at midnight, because I feel like I need to scrub off the things that I shared tonight at dinner with my two close girlfriends. Why did I bring up the deep wounds of my childhood tonight? Why didn’t I keep it light and polite? 

Have you ever had an emotional hangover from talking too much about your past? Do you ever want to keep those ugly parts of your dysfunctional wounds and traumas in the basement of your mind? Sometimes those memories should be left dormant, similar to a coffin being left untouched in the ground.

The main reason why I went digging up an old coffin (so to speak) was because I wanted to chime in on the conversation. I thought if I added my own encyclopedia version of the evening chat, I could spice things up a bit. After all, I have many colorful events that took place in my large Irish Catholic family and the stories are endless and nonetheless entertaining.

At what price do I pay at reciting old wounds and hurts of the past? Haven’t I processed these stories enough in therapy and support groups for years? Telling these same stories over and over again cement memories in our cells, and create only more harm than good. By ruminating in the past, we can actually become stuck in a pattern of repeating or attracting the same situation over and over again. There has to finally be a time of moving on with our lives. 

Would you go to the same awful movie twice? Then why do we do that when we rehearse our same misfortune over and over again? 

It is time to give up your story and tell a new story. Choose a different path by affirming a future of prosperity, health, and wonderful decisions to get unstuck. Change the channel or turn the page of your life now.

As I sit here, past midnight, regretting the rehearsing of my past pain of my youth, I am leaving those coffins lay dormant. As scripture says, Let the dead bury their dead”. The past has served its purpose, and I have learned those lessons well. It is time to move forward and pave a future of living fully present, without rehearsing previous chapters that have taken place.The new chapters that I am now writing will be filled with wisdom of the lessons learned from my youth, and those movies that were once scary will never be projected on the screen once more.