Remember Your Future


Do you want a future that does not resemble your past? If so, I’ll teach you how to create a new future.

  1. Talk less about your past and more about your future.

  2. Get clear about what you want and ignore what you don’t want.

  3. Spend 20 minutes a day in a walking meditation, where you feel like you are walking into a NEW you.

  4. Choose to steep with gratitude as you step into being healed, loved and abundant in the present moment.

  5. As you walk, your feet anchor your thoughts and feelings, as if your true desires have already manifested. With each conscious step you take upon the earth, fall in love with your future.

  6. Use all your senses to imagine it here NOW.

  7. With every step YOU are walking closer to your destiny and know your destiny will find you.

  8. Believe. Trust. Know.

As you practice this walking meditation, love your new life before it manifests and expect the miraculous to unfold.

Refrain from discussing the past, unless you want history to repeat itself.
As you trudge you are stepping into your new future NOW. Give love and gratitude before the manifestation. Now get ready, because you are walking towards a NEW YOU.

When you walk into wellness, stroll into serenity, hike into health and dance with delight you will become unrecognizable to those who once knew you.

Congratulations, you stopped remembering your past and you started remembering a new future. Yay to the NEW you.

Thank you for reading and sharing and remember to always, always, always go where the love is. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2018, Susan's Picks