Polish All Relationships


Would you like to find some sandpaper to soften the edges of your relationships?

Every relationship has its challenges.

-your children won’t do their homework or turn off their video games.
-your spouse goes on shopping sprees with the credit card.
-your friend is always a hot mess and is 30 minutes late to your lunch date.

Well there is a cure if you want to create a healthy and happy long lasting relationship.

Dr. John M. Gottman and Robert Levenson did research and found out, with 90% accuracy, relationships that had 5 positive interactions (or more) with every one negative interaction thrived, while the other relationships rapidly withered away.

This longitudinal study was done over a nine year period, in the 1970s, and the magic for thriving relationships is 5 to 1.

So, if you have a desire to create long lasting, amazing relationships with your kids, parents, friends and romantic partner join the 5:1 ratio alchemy.

To polish those jagged edges in your ALL your relationships FOCUS on complimenting, affirming, uplifting, soothing, praising, blessing, recognizing and admiring those close to you.

That is of course... if you want to put up with them for another darn decade.

Thank you for sharing and remember to always, always go where the love is.

Melissa Heller2018