All Is Coming


Have you ever chased after a dog, cat, or even a child? What do they usually do? More often, than not, these pets and children play hide and go seek or simply run away. If you stand still and do nothing, these children or creatures become curious and end up seeking you out, instead of the other way around.

 If you chase out of desperation, the thing you actually want is repulsed.

Think of a man or woman who desperately seeks a relationship. They become needy, clingy and it can feel as if you are being suffocated by this person’s void, lack or fear of being alone. It could be a spiritual malady because of one’s hole inside one's soul, that can only be temporarily filled with filler for so long.

How about a person that is out of work and is seeking a job? There is anxiety that often entangles them as they go out to seek work. Again, because of the desperation, employers run from these types of people because of the simple fact that they can smell the fear and it will repel the employer.

If you find yourself in scenarios like looking for love, a job or health please do not panic. There is a smell to desperation, and it is not pretty for the people surrounding you.

First of all, it is the time to take a deep breath and go inside yourself, as opposed to jumping into impulsive action.

Build faith. Be okay with right where you are and comfort yourself with soothing words. Know that this situation is only temporary. 

Remember.... if you want a good outcome, you need good thoughts.

Work on having good thoughts, and find contentment right where you stand. As you focus on your thoughts, then go inside your own soul and work from there. As you work on connecting with YOU, go seek what you're looking for from a full, as opposed to an empty and hollow place. If you are full of a deep connection and a deep love with and for yourself, people will seek you out, as opposed to the other way around. 

Stand still, go inside and become full of your wonderful personal essence. As you KNOW and move into your own greatness, take stock in all that you have to offer the world. Let the world chase you down with love, job opportunities and health that is now flowing towards you as you read this.

You have all the internal riches right where you sit. There is nothing for you to do.

Chasing is like trying to grasp water. As Alan Watts says, “ it's elusive and unattainable”.

Sit, be still, breathe and trust that as my teacher Sri Pattabhi Jois use to say, “ALL IS COMING”.