Don't Try This


Every time I notice my friends or my family members say they are going to “try” to look for a job, or “try” to show up for my party, or “try” to make it to an event fail to make it 90% of the time.

“Try” is a weak word and I attempt to keep it out of my vocabulary as often as I can.

The word I prefer to use instead is “allow”. This word is softer and it includes a co-creative experience with a Higher Power, Source, God or whatever you choose to call it.

Imagine “allowing” the current carrying you downstream.

Or how about “allowing” people to be exactly who they are without giving unsolicited advice?

Think about “allowing” the world to be just the way it is and give up “trying” to change anyone or anything (except yourself). “Trying” or shall we call it controlling never works. Unless, we want to create resistance and resentment within the person we are “trying” to change.

As I write this, I’m committing to allowing myself to softly quit “trying” and instead commit to “doing”.

“Do” is a better word and will “allow” you to get much further in life, rather than using a lukewarm word like “try”.

Are you with me in deleting the word “try” from your vocabulary? How about replacing it with “allow” and/or the word “do” instead?

Let’s “do” this!


Melissa Heller2018