You Smell Awful


You smell putrid, rancid, and I can barely stand to be next to you. You smell of judgement and fear. Your emotions are written all over your face, and the toxic thoughts and feelings are coming out of every pore. It may be time to throw away those poisonous thoughts.

Are you rehearsing in your mind how you were wronged, manipulated, or used by someone? How about the fact that felt you were dealt a crappy hand of cards in this lifetime? Are you constantly beating yourself up and blaming and shaming yourself? Well, it’s time to take out the mental garbage!

Write down all your past resentments, judgments, disappointments, and regrets and share them with someone (if you wish). After that, rip the list up into tiny pieces, while saying a small prayer to let them go. Then literally put those pieces of paper into a trashcan and stick them out on your curb or alley. Let them go forever.

Don’t leave the trash in your mind to smell. Take it out, for keeps.

How many times have you taken your physical trash outside to the curb, and then taken it back inside to sift through and analyze? My guess is that you have never done that. That is just simply disgusting, right? Then why do we do that with our mental garbage?

It is time to get rid of the curdled and outdated cartons of  detrimental thoughts. Throw away with conviction, empty containers, wrappers, and expired thoughts from the past. Clean up your mind by throwing away that mental trash.

The negative thought owns you, until you own it. Admit that your mental house smells foul. Take responsibility for the piece of litter in your mind and know you have the power to change your decomposing thinking. No one can do it for you. Don’t deny or argue for the trash, just throw it out.

Clean up your thoughts and you will open yourself up to a sparkly, clear, and present mind. Freshly stocked ingredients will be yours to cook up a better existence that will deliciously amaze you. 

In disposing of your repugnant thoughts, you will smell divine, and people will surround you like flies on honey, as opposed to vinegar. What scent would you like to emit from your soul out into the world? 

For heavens sake, take your smelly garbage out. And LEAVE it there!



Melissa Heller2015