To Be Or Not To Be?


One of the challenges for my clients is “clarity”. They aren’t sure what kind of career they want, or where they would like to live, or even what kind of person they want to date? What a conundrum!

Well, I found an incredible broad stroke for this dilemma of uncertainty, and it works like a charm. It gets you back into the direction of where you want to go. Painting a new future of how you want to “feel”, creates both lucidity and simplicity. We all know that we want to feel happy, peaceful, and joyful. By knowing your end game of feeling good and then setting those intentions first before anything else is a powerful tool that prevents us from getting into the ambiguity of life’s direction. In other words, don’t get mired down in the details, but get enamored with heading towards what feels great in a healthy way.

A great tool in choosing purpose during the day is to write down a how do I want “To Be” list, along with a “To Do” list daily. In the morning when you’re writing down all the little details of your day that you need to get done, write down how you want to show up in every meeting, with every client, and with your children/spouse, and friends. Maybe you want to show up patient, loving, present, and with a smile.

By choosing to be in the higher state of being, we will always attract wonderful circumstances in our lives. Just fixate on your objective to be/feel good throughout the day and the details will take care of themselves.

When we are choosing to show up happy, kind, and compassionate; magic happens. I had a friend get hired in elevator, an acquaintance that found love in a coffee shop, and my client last week won two free round trip tickets to both Hawaii and Las Vegas. These people attracted positive outcomes because they chose to focus on feeling empowering emotions.

So, if you feeling puzzled, cornered, and  confused about where you are headed, your only job is to write a list of how you want to be in every segment of your life, and then follow through with your objective. The other baffling details will wondrously take care of themselves. Give it a try and you will be presently surprised. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2015