Clean Your Bloody Feet


So you are on the river’s edge, walking barefoot on jagged rocks, with bloody feet, and you are balancing a canoe on top of your head. You are pushing, shoving, and forced to walk to your destination, because you were taught the bigger the struggle, the more you will get somewhere. Then a thought occurs to you and you decide if you will walk a little to the right and flip the canoe over and place it in the water, you could rest your weary bones.

The advice above from Life Coach Michael Neill offers a simple lesson in how to make life easier. What a relief to finally let go of the heavy canoes we carry.You clean your bloody feet and lay back and stare at the Aspen trees with their leaves fluttering in the breeze. You witness the sunlight’s reflection on the water and watch the deer stare at you intensely as you float by. With amazement you watch two birds build a nest together above your head. The sky has never looked more blue. The breeze has never felt more amazing on your face and in your hair. You feel ecstatic.

As you witness and watch the smells, colors, sounds, and sensations you realize that by just walking a little to the left or the right, everything can change. Just one small step or redirection is all it takes.

By dipping into the Universe’s resources like the flow of a river, and choosing to go with the current instead of fighting it, is all it takes. You can also invite the fresh air to renew, re-energize, and recalibrate your very existence. How about using the canoe to rest your fatigued body, while the river does the work. Surrender and literally lean into the immense fortune your Creator has in store for you.

My point is that when we struggle, strive, and strain we may be doing more harm than good to our body, mind and soul. Instead, take a little step to the right or left and drench yourself in the resources that are probably right under your nose.

When you feel all alone on the jagged rocks of life, parched by defeat and thirsty for inspiration, alone, just look above, below, and around and witness the wonders unfolding all around you.

Melissa Heller2015