Become New Now


Remember the “Good ole days”? Do you ever think back and romanticize your past? Do you sometimes wish you could go backward rather than moving forward?

You know the saying, “If you keep looking in the rearview mirror, you’re probably going to crash.”

Then I invite you to look forward into the large windshield of potentiality and begin to romanticize your future!

Make your future real by sitting down and designing it with pen to paper the way an architect draws up a blueprint.

What do you feel, think and act like? How are you moving through space? What are your choices, behaviors and your results? The easiest way to do this is to write a “thank you” list as if your future intentions have already happened in the present moment.

Intertwine intention with attention.

Here are some examples. Feel free to make them with as little or as much detail as you like:

  • Thank you for my deep forgiveness towards everyone and everything.
  • Thank you for my prosperity in health, romance, finance.
  • Thank you for my deep connection with my Creator and all loving things.

After you write your list close your eyes and imagine ( for 5-10 minutes) you are there....right here, right now, using all of your senses. and FEEL IT! Your mind doesn’t know the difference between past, present and future.

This is moving from the old model of cause and effect..... to causing effect!

So begin NOW by romanticizing your future, because living with old thoughts, old feelings and old behaviors is like putting on an old outdated dress or an old worn out suit? How about playing the same old song over and over and over again! It’s boring and predictable!

With these simple steps, start to become someone NEW NOW!!!

Melissa Heller2018