Sitting In A Dirty Diaper


Meditation is pretty darn easy when you’re quiet and in a good place but...

Sitting in meditation could be one of the worst things in the world for you if you're in a bad place. It could be synonymous to sitting in a dirty diaper. Hate to be so graphic, but it’s true!

The last thing you want to do is sit in your own crap!

Get moving, stretching, swimming, talking, bathing and get that yucky stuff off you as soon as possible!

One of my spiritual teachers says that moving into thoughts of appreciation is even more important than meditation!

Yes, getting into higher thoughts, of things you are grateful for, is more beneficial than sitting and quieting your thoughts.

So the next time you sit in meditation make sure you are in a place of better thoughts FIRST. If you are in a state of negativity, elevate your mood and then sit.

Sitting in that negative stuff just stinks!

So feel good FIRST...

Then marinade in the stillness and the deliciousness of the present!

Thank you for reading and sharing! Namaste:)

Melissa Heller2018