Mortgage Your Soul


I heard about Dr. Hew Len, who healed a criminally insane mental ward in Hawaii, just by saying a prayer privately, in his own office, without the patients present.

Thoughts are prayers and they are powerful!

I thought if this prayer can heal a mental ward in Hawaii, I’m going to get busy working with this prayer with some family members.

The prayer contains only four statements;

  • I love you
  • I am sorry
  • please forgive me
  • thank you

I immediately started saying this prayer to my clients, family members and one relative in-particular who had been taking meds (for 10 years) and was really suffering.

Within six months after saying the Ho’oponopono prayer everyday, my relative went in for a checkup and was told they no longer had the diagnosis. Saying the prayer, without skipping a day, the mania and aggression were gone from this relative.

They currently are medicine free and thriving.

Dr. Hew Len goes on to say the problem really lies WITHIN the person who is witnessing the illness. So Dr. Hew Len works on HIMSELF through reciting the prayer!

He says he takes 100% responsibility for seeing his patients getting “goofy” and he clears and cleans his OWN mind, or what he calls “data”. Dr. Hew Len claims he is clearing his subconscious so he can get to a place he calls “zero”. He says all of this “data” is running ALL of us and it is creating a “mortgage on our souls.”

The doctor says EVERYTHING that shows up is an opportunity for him to clear, clean and make amends through repeating this prayer.

The way I personally loved and love to use the “Ho’oponopono prayer is to see everyone in their wellness rather than their illness. When I repeat this prayer I choose to see everyone and everything as whole and perfect just the way they are NOW. I even say it to myself in the mirror and I have everyone in my workshops do the same. I literally pass the mirror around the room!

It’s powerful!

Now that I personally have experienced MANY miracles with this prayer, first hand, I say it daily out loud to everyone I am close too. I also say it quietly to myself when working with clients. I say it not only to those around me but I say it silently to my neighbors, my city, my state, my country and to our world!

I love you planet.
I am sorry planet.
Please forgive me planet.
Thank you for being you!

Just like this prayer healed a mental ward at the State hospital in Hawaii, I too have experienced similar profound benefits!

Try this simple and profound prayer, so you no longer have to have a mortgage on your own soul.