"C" Is For Couples


There are three C's that need to happen in order to have a great relationship according to relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen. The three C's are communication, compatibility and chemistry. If any of these are missing the relationship will not survive.

As I was sharing the three C's with some fellow coffee drinkers at Peet's coffee this morning, Phillip Sheppard from TV’s ‘Survivor’ chimed in there was one C missing and it is compassion. I couldn't agree more!

Then when I came home to share with my husband what a great blog the 4 C's would be, he thought courage would be a great 5th addition to the C's.
He mentioned it takes courage not to give up on love and to get out there and get out of your comfort zone.

So now we’re up to 5 C's: Communication, compatibility, chemistry, compassion and courage. But now I want to top it off with one more C: Confidence. Relationship expert Christian Carter says confidence is the number one thing men look for in women and women look for in men.

Could you imagine getting onto a plane and the pilot says over the loud speaker, “Excuse me, passengers but I'm feeling trepidatious and not very confident about flying this plane today.” How would that make you feel as a passenger?

Have confidence in yourself if you intend to have someone share your voyage with you! Life is an adventure. Believe you are lovable and that you deserve to be loved!

Now dust yourself off from your past hurts and go out there with courage, confidence and compassion and you will find the perfect person who imbues communication, compatibility and chemistry!

C? It’s easy!