Do Re Mi Me Me


How are you feeling today? Are you happy and grateful, or sad and racked by worry?

Sadness, doubt and fear are feelings I often felt as a young girl. Dr. Joe Dispenza labels them SURVIVAL emotions, and even goes so far as to call them SELFISH. Me, selfish? Sadly, Yes because insecurity and doubt usually stem from thoughts of me, me and more about me!

But when I'm in feelings of joy, wholeness and trust, Dispenza labels these CREATIVE emotions, and being in a SELFLESS state.

When we're in any kind of negative emotion such as competition, judgement or worry it comes from a feeling of LACK. We are afraid there is simply not enough to go around. We become selfish and afraid of losing what we have.

When we feel inspired, empowered and whole we feel satiated and sure there is enough to go around. We feel selfless and want the best for all!

Today I choose the CREATIVE and SELFLESS state of wholeness and gratitude, so I'm not singing that familiar melody we all learned as children... "Do Re Mi ME ME ME...."

Let's not sing songs of selfishness, but of inspiration. Not judgment, but wholeness. Not fear and doubt, but peace and love. 

Remember to always go where the love is!

Melissa Heller2018