To Believe Or Not To Believe?


Do you think you are too old to meet someone? Do you believe you are too broke or too stupid to go back to school? Do you feel you will never recover from your diagnosis? Well, you're right!

If you think you will or you think you won't,  you are right.

I invite you to put pen to paper and cathartically write down ALL of your limiting beliefs. 

Then after you write down those limiting beliefs cross them out with a red marker and write down the opposite of those beliefs in your favorite color (hopefully not red)! 

Now you have a template for your affirmations! 

Remember, what we REPEAT or IMAGINE through our thoughts and feelings will come to fruition. 

Redundantly, go over and over and over with your positive thoughts NOW! Imagine you have the love, degree, career or healing. 

Feel it! Believe it! Know it! Speak it! Think it! 

If you find yourself going back to those limiting beliefs, erase and replace! 

You can do this!

As hypnotherapist Marisa Peer says,"You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you!"

Thank you for reading and believing and sharing! And remember to always, always, always go where the love is  -Susan

Melissa Heller2018