Only One Pair Of Shoes


I was way overdue for my chiropractic adjustment. I have a horrible habit of sleeping on my stomach for eight hours, keeping my head twisted to one side.

When I walked into Dr. Joe’s office he asked me a profound question. What if you had only one pair of shoes for your whole life? How would you take care of those shoes? Good question, I thought. 

If I only had one pair of shoes for my life span, I would treat those shoes with kid gloves. Those shoes would be polished, resoled when needed, stored in a safe place, and not thrown around like my jackets when I get home.

I can equate my body with those one pair of shoes. My body is for life. Why do I choose to throw occasional junk food in my mouth, not refurbish my body with prayer, or polish my body regularly with yoga and massage.

Thank you Dr. Joe for reminding me that my body is for a lifetime. I will commit to these steps to take care of my body, because it’s not just for a week; It’s hopefully for many decades to come;

  1. Start the morning with meditation and prayer.
  2. Walk two miles a day.
  3. Be kind to myself and hangout with kind people.
  4. Appreciate constantly throughout the day and be of service to others.
  5. Eat healthy organic food which include lots fruits and vegetables.
  6. Practice yoga 6 days a week.
  7. Spend time in nature often.
  8. Receive monthly massages
  9. Wear this list loosely. 

Remember, most of us, not all of us, get one pair of arms, hands, legs and feet! Let's take care of our precious body parts because one pair is all we get without intervention! 

Namaste. Please share and let me know how you are going to take care of your precious body? Also, always, always, always go where the love is.

Melissa Heller2017