We All Have Our Stuff


Many of us don't have perfect lives. Some of us have or have had severe to moderate health issues, financial problems or relationship struggles, at one time or another. It is called the human condition! We all have our good and our not so good, times. It is simply just a part of life.

We may compare and despair about how some people have all the luck, while we seem to have no luck. But, we ALL get a turn at the bottom of the barrel! I don't care who you are, if you are reading this you have experienced some form of "the dark night of the soul". Thank goodness we are not ALL at the bottom of the barrel at the same time so we can lift each other up intermittently.

When going through difficult times, remember many have gone before you and have felt as you have. It may feel like you are the ONLY one suffering, but believe me, it is simply not true. Life can be difficult for EVERYONE. Some hide it better than others. Your circumstances may look different from the outside world, but you are not terminally unique in your thoughts, feelings, and situations. Reach out and share your pain with others, because it will not only help you, but it will give someone else the opportunity to help as well. You are actually doing the listener a favor by opening up and being vulnerable. 

Balance is the key. It’s not so healthy to keep everything buried inside, and it's not advisable to vomit toxic feeling onto others. Finding supportive and loving people to share fears and faith with, is key.

When you are going through tough stuff, remind yourself to stay in the here and now. Take it one breath at a time. Focus on the colors, smells, and sounds of your environment. Become one with your surroundings. Then rehearse in your mind all the things that you are grateful for. Do you have a roof over you? Do you have a pillow for your head at night? Do you have running water or paved roads? Do you have eyes to read this blog? If so, you have a lot to appreciate.

Our daily bread is all we need. Don’t worry about tomorrow’s bread or yesterday’s bread. It is our DAILY bread. Today is all we have, so make the most of it. Celebrate just this day and this day only! Light a candle, take a walk, fly a kite, dance around your house, or do something for someone else and don’t get found out doing it! Everything is going to be all right. I promise. 

S. Remember to always go where the love is. If you feel alone and at the end of your rope there is always help. Find a counselor, a 12 step meeting or come to Susan Foxley's "F*CKED UP to FIXED UP" workshops.

Melissa Heller2017