Get Out Of Your Own Way


Often in the early stages of life, many of us drop into victim consciousness. We often grow up saying “it’s our parents fault”, or “it’s our boss's fault”or “it’s my partner's fault." It’s fun to throw the blame for our messed up lives onto others, so we don’t have to mature and take full responsibility for our lives.

 I invite you to give up blame. Master forgiveness for yourself and those that have harmed you and know that it was ignorance at play. We are all human beings doing the best we can and it's time to be clear and clean from old hurts, wrongdoings, and blame.

 Let go of pain that tends to pull you down, and let yourself be lifted up by an amazing vision of abundance and excellence.

You owe it to yourself to not let outside circumstances pull you down. It’s time to take your power back and yield to your personal excellence. 

Personally, I overcame a difficult youth, suffered from deep depression, widowed at thirty years of age, and raised a special needs son. These hurdles have taught me gifts and lessons that are beyond measure. Currently (with the many tools I have acquired) I don't let these challenges pull me down. I let them become a major opportunity for me to grow, seek solutions and rise above.

Once you let go of the victim stage there is an opening and you will become a conduit or a channel. You'll understand blame, shame and negativity block your own love and light. Stepping out of the “poor me” victim stage and moving into your own magnificence is your birthright.

After you let go of the pain that is pulling you down, you can be a channel through which something bigger can come through. The veil of pain that separates you from your Source, Higher Power or whatever you choose to call it is dissolved and you are tapped into that spiritual zone of being one with everyone and everything.

Get out of your own way today by understanding when you have a finger pointing at a person, place or circumstance there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Melissa Heller2017