Empty Your Pot


Push the pause button. Please wait. Find the space in between your thoughts. Find the pause between your inhale and your exhale. Drop into your silence.

Get into the space between you and the sky. Find the space between you and the person you are talking with. Become conscious of the space around the room. 

When teaching yoga, I have my students focus on the empty space between their toes and the space between their fingers. Better yet, how about creating more space between each vertebrae and each rib, while quieting the space between the ears.

This practice quiets the conscious mind, helping you to access the subconscious mind. This meditation breaks up the habitual thought patterns and literally calms down the amygdala (which processes anger, fear, sadness and aggression). 
Serenity will become your middle name.

Focusing on the space in your body, the space in your environment and the space in time will transform your life. Dr. Joe Dispenza describes a person becoming, “Less matter and more energy. Less particle and more wave.” 

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Don’t get bogged down by the restriction of reaction or the congestion of form. Move past it into the silence between the musical notes. They are just important as the musical notes themselves.

From this empty space you have an empty pot to create whatever soup you desire. Choose your ingredients wisely.

Melissa Heller2017