Buffer Up



Flying back east to see my mother last week, I took the bait and reacted to a family member who was in a bad mood due to some tough personal stuff they were going through. With all the work I’ve done on myself, I should know better than to react to someone’s negative energy, but I did and I took full responsibility for my part and apologized right away. 

When visiting family we can often be triggered because our defenses are down due to long flights, fatigue or even childhood wounds that can resurface. It is important when visiting family that we have a buffer like: prayers, mantras, conscious breathing, meditation, exercise or even bringing a friend who could shield or support you.

Make sure when you are going into a tough situation where there is an emotional charge that you have a safeguard . For example, would you want to drive through a rough neighborhood alone? There is tremendous relief when there is someone in the passenger seat during those potholes and dark corners to distract you from spiraling downward. 

Lastly, fill up your spiritual tank with some high octane harmony and peace, so when negative individuals throw you a curve ball you can gently move out of the way. You don’t want to play ball with these people, just step off the field and grab a cup of tea or take a deep breath. When you walk away fill yourself up with compassion, and let the compassion spill over onto them from a distance, until things have calmed down. Remember, you don’t want to leave yourself on the home plate to be devoured.

Melissa Heller2017