Put Your Mask On


Is your mind like a roller coaster ride or like branches on a stormy windy day? If the answer is yes, how about maintaining some internal coherence?

The secret to achieve congruence is from the inside out, rather than the outside in. To master this internal consistency within yourself make sure you control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts controlling you.

This is easier said than done. How can we achieve and master this coherence when we may be struggling with health issues, lawsuits, single parenting and chronic emotional or physical pain?

Make sure you fill up your own tank first! Remember the flight attendant always reminds you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others. Fill yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally through taking time out for you. Here are some essential examples:

  1. Meditate daily.
  2. Look at things not made my human hands (mountains, oceans, forests).
  3. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.
  4. Walk daily 1-2 miles a day. If you rest you rust!
  5. Eat food in its purest form. Live food, live body. 
  6. Build a community of friends around you. Reach out and be of service.
  7. Reframe the negative and find the positive.

You come first. You cannot give from an empty tank. 

I gave and gave from an empty tank for years and it just creates resentment. There is nothing worse than running on fumes!

Fill yourself up first and give from a full tank and that is the key to living with internal coherence. You will no longer have the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster or feel as if you're the branch that is about to snap. You will have mastered your thoughts by running on the best fuel known to mankind; self-care.

Melissa Heller2017