Needy Is Creepy


Are you longing for that special someone? How about the career of your dreams? What about that dream home or vacation? Is it luck? I think not.
If you are desperate for things to change on the outside, the best solution is to dig deep on the inside. 

When you desperately jump from one doctor to the other, one job to the other or one dating site to another, it’s time to stop. Know that when you are seeking to change your status in a frantic way, being needy is creepy and downright repulsive to others.

Here are some actions to take when you find yourself frenzied for things to change:

1. Find a hobby that brings you immense joy and distracts you temporarily from focusing on what is bothering you.

2. When you find yourself thinking thoughts of lack, change your thoughts to focusing on your abundance. Affirm that you live in an already abundant universe.

3. Three minutes a day, meditate and mentally rehearse what you would like to show up in your life, as if it has already manifested. Imagine you are healed, in love or feeling the financial windfall in the present moment. Preferably done with eyes closed.

Remember when you come from a place of lack or neediness it is creepy and gross. Have you ever dated a needy person or heard a pitch from a sleazy salesman ? When you are around these people there is a smell similar to rancid milk. 

Take note, if you are chasing anyone or anything, it runs away. Have you ever chased a dog, cat, child, money or accolades? They run away the more desperate you become.

Success is not luck. Success is living your own life, following your own bliss and not caring what others think about you. Living with equanimity and peace regardless of money, no money, health, no health, relationship, no relationship is the secret to harmony. Life is a series of ups and downs and the Buddhists were right when they said impermanence is a part of life. Everything has a beginning and an end.

So quit chasing or being needy and get busy doing what brings you happiness and feeds your own soul, without conditions, NOW.

Melissa Heller2016