Act As If


Don’t wait for trouble, sickness or disease to pray, do it now!
Don’t pray fear, pray faith.
Don’t pray hard, pray softly.
Don’t pray like a parrot, pray with your heart and soul.
Don’t beg and beseech. Pray with a confidence, knowing that your Creator has your back.
If you sit in meditation and prayer, do not get up until you feel a brilliant shift in consciousness. 
Move through each day as if your prayers have already been answered.
Know the best expression of your Creator working in your life is when you are in joy.
Ask yourself if you are worshipping trouble, misery or disease? You will know by your thoughts and behaviors.
Worship solutions, not problems. Worship your healing and other’s healing.
Think, behave, move and speak as if you are bathing in a knowing of the outcome desired.
Know that diagnosis, trouble and disease is the subconscious being out-pictured in your surroundings.
When praying imagine the outcome you wish to manifest, and drop into those details as if they were here, now.
Pray for you, your family members, friends, acquaintances, neighborhood, city, state, country and world.
Again, act, think and feel as if your prayers have already been answered! That is truly praying faith.
Act as if...

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Melissa Heller2016