Rise Above Conditions


Last week in my life coaching workshop one of my students wanted to dive into his feelings. Feelings are wonderful because they tell you whether you’re heading in the right or wrong direction. If you’re feeling good or bad, feelings are an indicator, just like the one on your car dashboard telling you if your tank is full or empty and what action to take, if any? 

Life coaching is not therapy. We don’t get into emotions, because as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, feelings are just a record of the past. The LAST thing we want to do is keep repeating the same thoughts,  feelings, choices and behaviors when attempting to create a new future. Life coaching IS about finding and knowing where you are and then determining where you want to go. 

Positive growth comes when we change familiar thoughts and feelings into new thoughts, feelings and choices to create a new future. In other words, if you keep focusing on where you are, you’ll stay there. In my life coaching classes we delve into the subconscious mind and imagine what it would be like to FEEL equanimity and peace regardless of what is happening on the outside. And the reason we want to create a new job, relationship, home or healing is because we want to be happy.
If you are happy FIRST, through the law of attraction, you will pull good into your life FASTER than you can imagine. Remember my mantra:  Good thoughts and feelings equal great results. Bad thoughts and feeling create bad results. So why would anyone want to dive back into the past and dig up those old skeletons. Remember the bible saying, “Let the dead bury the dead”. 

 Life is for the living.

In life coaching we plant new seeds for a new way of living. We learn to rise above bad habits and negative thoughts and learn new habits of thoughts, feeling, choices and behaviors to make a VISION bigger than the habitual thoughts and feelings of the past.

To create a new YOU, sign up for my F*CKED UP TO FIXED UP” workshop class today and rise above your conditions!

Melissa Heller2016