According to spiritual teacher Louise Hay the underlying cause of illnesses is the lack of forgiveness in your life. Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive? Are you holding onto a grudge or a past wrong? How about a chip on your shoulder because you’ve been dealt a bad hand? Well, it’s time to let go.

The definition of forgive in Webster’s Dictionary is to "stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong. Stop blaming or stop requiring payment of debt owed". The operative word in this description of forgive is to STOP!

Stop putting focus on the negative deed done, or the bad hand dealt. 

The resentment or hurt done to you is like a burning ember from a fire, that has landed on you. The longer the burning ember stays on your sleeve the more damage it does. Flick it off fast. 

Yes, you may have justified anger, especially if you were wronged as an innocent child. But you forgive for you, not for them!

There are many ways to forgive and move on. One of the biggest ways that really works is to pray for the spiritually sick individual that caused such harm.
If you have a hard time moving on check out Louise Hay’s books and Youtube videos. Also, read her personal victories with both sexual assault and cancer. She forgave such horrible acts and you can you.

P.S. Forgiveness begins with compassionate self-forgiveness.

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Melissa Heller2016