Change Your Scream


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Who you are speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say.”I couldn’t agree more. When you look at most people, it’s easy to see who they are. Their inside shows on the outside.

I believe thoughts are things. When you look at someone who harbors years of resentment, anger or fear you can see the permanent emotions, as they age, frozen on their face and in their bodies. Deep are the frowns, scowls and scars from years of negativity.

Similarly, it’s easy to see the peace and light in someone’s face and posture gained from years of appreciation, kindness and joy. 

Habitual thoughts and feelings permeate every cell in our bodies and we scream what we think and feel without saying a word. 

Take out a pad of post-it notes and write down the most frequent thoughts you have. Thoughts like,“I’m not enough”, “I’ll never succeed”, “I’m lovable”, “That person is a loser”, “I hate my boss”, “I love my husband” or whatever your thoughts are. Then paste them to your body and look in the mirror. Now you know the messages you’re giving off to others, as well as the ones you attract. Your body screams your thoughts without even saying a word. 

Remember, your life will become a vibrational match to your thoughts and feelings. The goal is to erase and replace those negative thoughts with a better thought or no thought at all. You can do this through affirmations or through quiet meditation. Cease the mental chatter and pull all those negative post-it notes off your body, leaving only the positive ones. NOW look and see what you’re saying! A whole new scream....

Emerson was right. Become a clear and clean channel through conscious thought and you will no longer loudly scream what you don’t want to say. Change your channel today through new thoughts and feelings, and your world will mirror the new signal you send.

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Melissa Heller2016