Stay Out Of The Kitchen


Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite thing on the menu, but after a few moments, you get antsy and head back to the kitchen. You start telling the gourmet chefs how to cook your meal. You tell them what spices to use, how much oil to place in the pan and what temperature the oven should be. You decide to micro-manage everything!

Now, envision another scenario where you order your favorite meal and you sit, wait and trust that your order will come out tasting perfect without having to go back to the kitchen, barking orders and fearing your order won’t taste just as good as ever.

In life, do you relate more to the first scenario or the second? When you pray and ask for what you wish for, do you then rush back to the kitchen and control everything?  Is there a way you can let go and let others, as well as your Higher Power, come in and co-create with you? Letting go makes room for bigger miracles and helps the ego step aside.

So, sit down, order, relax and believe that what you need will come to you. Let it happen. Surrender the impulse to control everyone and everything. Relax. You know what they say about too many cook....

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Melissa Heller2016