Ride The Magic Carpet


This magic dust prayer is the most powerful prayer I use and teach. Or it could be called the envisioning endgame.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Close your eyes while sitting or lying down comfortably. 

Step 2: Envision people near and dear to you, or people in your life that need your prayers. Imagine all these individuals at a dance party, a picnic, or doing an activity in nature. They are all laughing, dancing and filled with smiles that emanate joy
Step 3: One by one, envision these individuals having their heart's desire already manifested. See all these people healthy, happy and in love with life. See diagnoses melting away and these individuals magically vibrant, radiant and made new. Visualize your friends who are seeking love experiencing it, in the now. See them gazing into their loved one’s eyes so incredibly euphoric. How about those close to you struggling with money or their career? Imagine now they are in their dream job or experiencing a financial windfall. In other words, your friends, family members and co-workers are living in prosperity, health and career advancement. Quarrels and angst have melted away.

Step 4: Use all of your senses to place magic dust on all of your friends and family and expand it to your neighborhood, city, country and world as well!. Feel, taste, touch, smell, hear and feel the ecstasy of their wishes coming to manifestation in your mind’s eye. See the wedding, the purchase of a new home, the masterpiece completed, a release from the hospital, an overdue hug filled with forgiveness, a book published, or even a dream vacation now.

This prayer is actually a natural antidepressant and mood elevator, because it automatically gets the focus off your own minutiae and onto other, and most likely bigger concerns.
If you want to really make a powerful difference, spread the magic dust to not just your friends, but onto your city, country and world. Envision this magic dust being sprinkled on everyone on this planet so they can be catapulted into a reality of being released from all suffering and pain

Remember the ingredients are as follows; a little prayer, love, imagination and of course, faith. Enjoy, this magically transformative natural aphrodisiac not only for you, but for the peace and joy of our world. 

Get on your magic carpet now!

Thanks for reading and sharing. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2016