The Nightmare


As I wait for the barista to pour my green tea, a former neighbor approaches me and immediately starts to complain about his life. He mentions that he now has to pay $1,400 a month for a tiny apartment in the Marina, and drives for Uber. He oozes misery and unhappiness.

As I walked towards the ocean sipping my green tea, I reflected on this man’s plight.

The first thing that ran through my mind was how ungrateful he was for what he has. His  “nightmare” might seem like a fantasy life to a lot of other people on the planet. I bet millions, even a billion people would love to live by the ocean, have a warm place to live and earn a pretty good living while working for themselves. 

The second thing that ran through my mind is, if he wants to better his situation, he needs to start by changing his outlook. Like the late spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer used to say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Remember that positive breeds positive and negative breeds negative. When you have a sour disposition around what you are manifesting, you will only attract more unfortunate predicaments. Finding something (ANYTHING) positive is how you start moving in the right direction.

It’s your choice whether you want to see your life as amazing or insufferable. YOU choose.

Sure, it’s tough to get up every day for a difficult job, but at least you have one. Your kids can scream and present you with all kinds of challenges, but you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Your family, your friends, the people you love can really test you at times, but imagine life without them? 

Everything is YOUR perception. Do you look at your life as a fantasy or a nightmare? Someone outside, looking in, would give anything to have your life. Do you want to brag or complain? Do you want to bless or curse? It’s up to you. 

Just remember that what you feed, grows stronger.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you enjoyed it. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2016