Your Crash Course


What if you boarded a plane and the pilot got on the loudspeaker and told everyone you might be encountering turbulence from a major storm along the way? Then he said he’s not quite sure where he’s going, it could be Dallas, NewYork or even Warsaw? Then as the plane is gaining speed you notice it’s not going very fast and it shakes and wobbles from wing to wing as you barely clear the edge of the runway? You look in the eyes of the other passengers and one thing is clear: You’re on a flight from Hell, it’s going to be a rough one and God knows where you’ll end up.

For heaven's sake! If you want to change your life, make sure you are not as discombobulated as the pilot above. You need to know WHERE you’re going and HOW to get there. You also need enough momentum to carry you along the journey. Your plan should be one of steady progress, to do a little bit everyday until you reach your goal. Just like riding a bike, you have to keep pedaling or you’ll stall. You can coast a bit, but not for long. You can race downhill, but there are hills to climb along the way. And if you stop pedaling for too long at any moment, you lose momentum and crash. 

A lot of us want to go from one place to another in our lives, but our internal compass needs a little work before our journey. We need clarity, a plan and a destination. Then begin the trip. If you fall, pick yourself up and keep going. EVERY day commit to putting time, energy and focus into the destination you want to reach, the person you hope to become.

Thank God when we get on a plane the pilot knows where he’s going. And if you really think about it, we do, too. The Chinese philosopher Laozi wrote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So it is with us. We know what changes we need to make and what we need to do to get there. Write down your goals, maintain your focus, do a little bit every day until you’ve reached your destination. And make sure you take in everything along the way

Namaste. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Heller2016