Inflamed Personality


Information pours through people daily, with the exact information I need to hear. This morning a fellow customer at Peet’s coffee told me to listen to Matt Kahn on YouTube. Because my intuition told me it was a “hell yes” action, I went home and turned on my computer and watched.

Matt Kahn proceeded to talk about the inflammation of the personality is what creates the ego to go awry. Let me preface this with that Kahn states the personality is a component of the soul (not of the mind) and carries on with you after you pass. Kahn goes on to say that the inflammation of the personality arises when the nervous systems gets out of whack, which then creates an allergic reaction to life.

According to Kahn there are four types of inflammation:

  1. RIGHTEOUS inflammation is where you have to be right while the other person is wrong.The balanced state is INSIGHTFULNESS. 
  2. VICTIMIZED inflammation is when you feel like you are getting the short end of the stick, or that God is out to get you. The balanced state is called DISCERNMENT  where you get to pause and choose a different path. 
  3. ENTITLED inflammation is where you think everything belongs to you or everyone should serve you. The balanced state is WORTHINESS. 
  4. NEEDY inflammation is where you feel you need to drain those around you. The balanced is OPENNESS. 

According to Kahn inflammation or the allergy decreases when our nervous systems is balanced. By slowing down the breath, connecting with personal insight, worthiness and discernment the inflammation or allergy will cease to exist. 

So if your nervous system doesn’t go into overdrive, those inflamed parts of your ego will dissipate. You will find yourself no longer feeling the need to be right, a victim, entitled or needy. 

So grateful I wasn’t allergic to the gentleman on my path this morning, because I learned and blogged about inflamed personalities and how it affects the ego. Hope this helped you and wishing you a calm nervous system so you can go out into the world and thrive.

Namaste and feel free to share if you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Melissa Heller2016