Let It Be


The number one challenge my clients face... is stress. They seem to be in flight or fight most days and catching their breath seems insurmountable. 

One of the other characteristics which permeates through my clientele is the word “try”.

This word is not one of my favorites. It equates struggle and ambiguity about finishing a task. When this weak word is used, 99% of the time my clients do not finish what they set out to do.

Doesn’t it sound better to say you are going to “do” something as opposed to “try” something?

Let’s replace “try” with a more powerful word. The word is “let”. “Letting” as opposed to “trying” infers you are allowing something bigger to come in. “Trying” is tied to our egos of pushing, shoving and forcing. “Letting” allows a dance between you and the higher forces at work to co-create with you. Just think of the famous saying, “Let go and let God.”

So when you feel as if you have to push up against strong current or diagnosis or challenge, do what surfers do when they are getting tossed around by the waves: Soften, relax and surrender. If you panic, it could compromise your life. Relax like a cork bobbing on the surface of the ocean.

De-stress and dissipate by letting, allowing, surrendering and softening. Give up trying, contracting, pushing and forcing. Life is too short to run chronically on the stress hormones we all know too well. As the Beatles sang, “Let it be”. After all, we are all human BEINGS not human doings. 

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Melissa Heller2016