Life Is A Bullet


Have you ever walked up to a buffet and put everything on your plate that you DON'T like? Foods that make you sick, gag or even throw-up? Of course not, right?

Why then, in our daily lives, do we stick putrid, expired and moldy thoughts in our minds and then gnaw on them or even savor them for hours, months or even years? 

Our thoughts are powerful. They spill over into our feelings, behaviors, choices and our experiences.  

It's time to take your executive power back over what you think, right now!

For the past 15 years, in my living room, I've had a carefully-placed index card I see every day. It's message is simple: “The only thing you have to deal with are your thoughts." I know if I align my thoughts, the rest of my life will go smoothly. I know if I'm listening to my own little itty bitty shitty committee, it's time to erase the negative thoughts with powerful, positive affirmations.

I love what my friend Jahna says, “We may be powerless over our first thought, but not our second. Or third." 

Take your power back and become conscious of what you dish up on your mental plate. The universe is a buffet of possibilities, but we must choose what to eat. Your choices will literally serve as a vibrational match to your thoughts, so feast and choose wisely.

Melissa Heller2016