Jump To Your New Self


I believe Dr. Joe Dispenza when he says “We have to change our personality in order to create a new personal reality”. We DO have to become someone new in order to change.

ow do we become someone new if we’re dissatisfied with our present self? First we have to move from a Newtonian model of reality that says the outer world shapes our inner world, to a Quantum model which states our inner world reflects our outer world. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and choices DO reflect our health, finances and relationships, and ultimately, who we are.

Personally, I was a victim of my circumstances. Widowed at 30 years old with a son who was diagnosed with a condition no one could seem to cure, I bathed in self-pity. Out of desperation I jumped from the Newtonian model to the Quantum model of reality and took 100% responsibility for my own situation. I decided to become a victor rather than a victim. I threw away the rearview mirror and thanked the Universe for all its gifts. I jumped from my old self to my new self, determined to live in a state of love and gratitude. I cast away self-pity. I blessed everything and everyone. Not only did my personality change but my personal reality changed and my new life no longer resembled my old  life.

If you really want to change, can you get up every morning and choose to become the greatest version of you? Can you choose to stay in love with yourself and others? Can you contribute to the world without keeping score? Yes, you can. And once you set yourself on a course to become the very best person you can be, you’ll be amazed at how much more fulfilling your life becomes, not only in your own heart, but in the hearts and minds of everyone around you.

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Melissa Heller2016