Evict Your Inner Critic


Had an eye-opening experience working at the Yoga Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center,  where I read chakras using special computer software developed in India. Friend and colleague Rajah Sharma (www.maanasyoga.com) educated me in the use of the software. It was during these many readings that the lightning struck.

Actually, lightning struck twice. The first bolt was the common denominator of the participants. Most had an enlightened aura of kindness and peace. The other bolt wasn’t so pretty. I was SHOCKED to find that the vast majority of the participants wrestle constantly with an ugly ogre of their own creation: Their inner critique. Oh how they beat themselves up and let this beast rule their emotions! This habitual inner critic is a cultural epidemic of great proportions in spite of education, class or gender. 

Thank God we know how to slay this awful monster. I immediately advised each person to look in the mirror each morning with a new vision. Instead of a beast we must see the beauty within ourselves. Give yourself a wink and a grin. Be grateful for the “you” staring back at you. Look deep in your own eyes and tell yourself, “I rock”, “I’m awesome” and “I’m kinda cute, too.” Tell that person staring back at you you’re doing your best, and that you’ll love them no matter what happens. These positive affirmations are the perfect poison for the chronic inner critic we all must slay on some level. That beast GROWS with age if we don’t stop feeding it with our own dose of negativity, despair and fear.

I listened to those awful self-doubts for years, then finally silenced them by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. The transformation was swift and remarkable. Soon my world began to mirror back to me the love and my changed belief that started to sprout from changing my thoughts about myself.

If I can do it, you can do it. Begin to reverse this epidemic of self criticism and self hatred now by doing mirror work every morning and every evening. Be your biggest cheerleader every morning. Those rare individuals, at the convention, had some amazing readings, because they had already done the inner work. This practice of self-love was taught to me by well-known author Louise Hay. If you haven’t read any of her books, I highly recommend them. She teaches self love as a way of healing many ailments in the body. 

Evict your inner critique. Dump Debbie Downer. No more Negative Nellie. Never again. From now on it’s just your beautiful soul staring back at you in the mirror. Every morning. Forever. 

And if no one has told you they love you and that you’re enough, I’m telling you right now! I love you. Begin to love yourself and the world will mirror back your self-love! 


Melissa Heller2016