Become The One Percent


When you hear "the one percent", the first thing you probably think about is money? I am referring to a more well-rounded one percent in ALL areas of your life.

With this one simple technique you can become the one percent that lives a life of deep satisfaction in ALL areas of your life. You will be the top one percent mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Remember diving in snowbank or in a pile of leaves as kid without a complaint about the cold or the messiness of it all? What about those irresistible puddles that you splashed in? How about the excitement of catching an early morning flight when the sun had not even risen?

As we age, the thought of jumping in puddles or getting up early to catch a flight seems to lose its luster. Our zest seems to be tainted often with incessant complaining, condemning or criticism.

How can we change our perspective and actually live a life like the top one percent that live content most of the time? According to hypnotherapist Marisa Peer we need to start taking 100 percent responsibility for our lives and change the words and pictures in our minds. We can CHOOSE what we invite in our minds, similar to being conscious of who we let come into our homes.

By changing the negative words and pictures to positivity, it just takes conscious awareness. Peer mentions that overachievers have mastered using positive words and pictures, while underachievers use negative words and pictures. 

Just like we update our computers and our phones, we need to update our thinking to get the bugs and viruses out. Get rid of your spam and junk folders today! What are you waiting for?

Most of us came into this world with curiosity and an excitement to fully explore. We weren’t tainted yet by the inherited fear passed down from our elders. We soon learned to become skeptics, cynics and wary of people.

Today CHOOSE to be the one percent and master your brilliant mind. Place great thoughts, words and pictures in your sacred mind and this one simple technique will undoubtedly raise you to the highest state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Melissa Heller