Don't Point Your Dirty Finger At My Soul


Judgements can stick on you. People’s opinions, good or bad, can become cemented on your soul. If you are vulnerable, sensitive, weak, or damaged you are more than likely porous to the subjective thoughts of others.

As I write this I am reminded of a story that I heard James Van Praagh speak about on a radio talk show. A client showed up at his front door and she did not look like herself. She didn’t know who she was anymore. He proceeded to tell her it was because she had her husband, sons, and parents thoughts fastened energetically onto her body. She was weak and needed to build herself back up to retrieve her own power, while letting go of the thoughts that did not belong to her. It was necessary to create a teflon shield, of sorts, so she could get her energy back.

It is essential to strengthen yourself in order to create armor against other’s attacks of judgements, criticisms, and even compliments. Become immunized to the good or bad opinions of what other people think about you.

How do we build ourselves up so we don’t become a roller coaster ride of letting other people’s thoughts penetrate our souls:

  1. Make sure you are well rested and nutritionally supported.
  2. Exercise, pray, and meditate daily
  3. Clear and clean your emotions through journaling
  4. Take baths with a cup of sea salt every evening and/ or use lavender

Every morning I have a prayer partner and we pray with an intention to place a hedge of protection or a shield around both of us. This is a wonderful tool to use with your significant other, children, or prayer partner. 

You can also imagine that when you go out in public that you have an imaginary golden egg of light protecting you from any form of judgements or negative attacks.

Your soul is precious and pure and you need to protect it from a world that is saturated with darkness, fear, jealousy, and control. 

p.s. Remember to clean your own finger before pointing it at someone else’s soul!

Thanks for reading! If you like, please share. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2015