You See What You Look For


My son, Ben, just got his best report card ever. I’d like to take some of the credit, but it turns out one of his teachers is crazy about kids and knows how to teach in an interactive and playful way. My son has had her for Economics, World History and Math and has thrived with her approach and style to teaching.

Being a dedicated mom and fascinated with her style of teaching, I hired her as a tutor in my home to see how she does it.  She says she believes in kids and expects them to be brilliant and intelligent. Every one of them. She looks beyond any shortcomings or handicaps, focusing instead on their greatness.

You see what you look for.  

This teacher is adept at the art of focusing on her students’ excellence. Children can feel when others are judging them or looking at them sideways, and will often act accordingly to what energy you are feeding them. They are sensitive by nature. 

What energy are you sending your co-workers, students, children, spouses, or friends? They, too can smell, reflect, or mirror what message you send out.

Know that judgement is palpable, even as we age. 

As I write this, it is my commitment to my friends and readers of this blog, that I will choose to look only for your brilliance. 

Also, when teaching my 70 plus yoga students, I will look at them beyond that number and restriction and see them as infinitely youthful, vibrant, and ageless. Let’s see if my students begin to act accordingly, as I send out into the world a greater message of competency and greatness to those I work with.  

In some ways, my son’s tutor has also become my teacher. She has shared with me her tool of rising above disabilities by simply seeing her students’ superbness. 

If you like, please try this method as well. Let me know how it goes. 


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